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Pray for our Missionaries

Dan and Amy Baker - Australia 

Nate and Maam Beckman - Thailand

Johnny and Carol Binzel - Honduras

Kris and Rose Maria Blumer - Peru

Jody and Terry Colson - Chuuk

Sam and Maria Conover - Honduras

Don and Bridgitt Dryden - Haiti

Tim and Rachel Endean - Camps Abroad

Tom and Linda Gilmer - Brazil

Ron and Pat Hamilton - Mexico

Tim and Teresia Hendricks - Mexico

Paul and Lois Howell - Honduras

Jonathan and Rachel Lyons - BMFP Administrator

Tim and Kim Melton - Japan

Don and Mary Merchant - Brazil

H. N. - Lebanon

Gerald and Marguerite Pauley - Canada

Jon and Jenny Reiner - Brazil

Jim and Lori Spoto - Italy

Jack and Peggy Wellman - Serviceman's Center, MS



Bill Rice Ranch - Murfreesboro, TN

Caribbean Radio Lighthouse - Antigua

Haitian Orphanage - Kathy Gouker and Alice Wise

Jehovah Jireh Foundation - Jim Bosse

The Wilds Christian Camp - Brevard, NC